Bed Bug Elimination

Bed Bugs are a serious epidemic, particularly in Hamilton, Ontario where they’ve seen a 600% increase in bedbug infestations since 2006.  The City of Hamilton has also spent $500,000 trying to get rid of these pests. These little bloodsuckers are relentless in invading your apartment, bedroom or home.   They are difficult to get rid of as they are tiny and difficult to see.  Hence you need to be incredibly thorough when dealing with these infuriating monsters. Furthermore, by calling us immediately, you reduce the wide spread of bed bugs that might have hopped into your clothing.

Any Pest is available seven days a week to eliminate your bed bug issues. You could potentially try to remove the bedbugs yourself, however, to save yourself weeks of frustration and sleepless nights, give us a call. We will nip your bedbug problem in the bud, and ensure the problem does not spread.

Cimex lectularius: the common bed bug, is the best known as it prefers to feed on human blood.

Bedbugs are not limited to Hamilton, and can be found in Ancaster, Dundas, Brantford, Burlington and Oakville. They are often transferred in second hand clothing or furniture.

Symptoms of Bedbugs

How do you know if you have bedbugs, and it’s not something else like spiders or mosquitoes?
Spiders generally don’t bite you while you are sleep as they don’t feed off blood. Meanwhile a mosquito will bite you once and move on. Bedbugs on the other hand, bite in clusters, and you will find three bites clustered typically together. Bedbug bites usually itch far worse that mosquito bites which leads to a lot of anxiety when sleeping at night once you’ve caught on that you have bed bugs.

A Bug by Any Other Name

Here are a few interesting facts about bed bugs:

  • Bed bugs have been known by a variety of other names such as wall louse, mahogany flat, crimson rambler, chilly billies, heavy dragoon, chinche bug, and redcoat.
  • The earliest recording of the word bug referred to the bed bug.
  • In some third world countries, they use bed bugs in treating medical issues (as they would leeches) such as epilepsy, piles, and urinary disorders.
  • The HSR checks their busses every 3 months for bed bugs and other pests. Breath easy in knowing that bed bugs have yet to be found on the city bus.

Hamilton Bed Bugs Resources

Any Pest – Bed Bug Identification Guide
City of Hamilton Bed Bug Fact Sheet (

Anypest is here to serve you no matter where you live in Southern Ontario. If you have bed bug problems call us immediately. We service Ancaster, Brantford, Burlington, Dundas, Guelph, Hamilton, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Toronto, Waterloo and all surrounding areas.

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