Pests with Feathers… Flock Together?

When we think about house hold pests, we think about the creepy crawling ones, and the furry clawed ones, but have you ever experienced the flying feathered ones?

Starling with White BackgroundAlthough birds may be beautiful as they sing the songs of spring or fly overhead, migrating to warmer weather, birds can be pests! The most common birds found invading Hamilton households are sparrows, starlings and pigeons. Continue reading

Do you know if you have mice?

Mice may look cute in the pet store, but when you see one scurrying across your attic or kitchen floor, you have a problem that needs fixing. They are light brownish grey in color, 3 inches in length, has long large ears, and a tail that is as long as its body. They prefer living indoors and seek out any small hidden spaces inside walls and clutters for shelter. Continue reading

Rats – Problems, Prevention and Removal

cat and rat together

Are you finding rat droppings in the basement or in the attic of your home? If so, then you may have a rodent problem. Rats can be a nuisance when they come in close proximity to humans. In addition to spreading disease to both humans and pets, they can cause property damage and contaminate food as well. Continue reading

Common Pest Problems in Ontario in the Fall

Fall is here, and this brings new problems to your home and yard as animals prepare for winter. Remember, all these pests are trying to do is survive, and it’s your job to make sure you don’t make your house look appealing. Like a house guest that never leaves, if you keep food, shelter and water readily available, you’ll have pests staying forever. Continue reading

Spider Myths & Facts

European garden spiderJust like a number of other creatures that roam the earth, spiders have been around for at least 400 million years. Over the ages, they have evolved and changed and become tougher and more resilient. There are thousands of species of spiders, but the ones that we most commonly see are the more “homely” ones, like the ones that are around our houses. But even to this day, certain spider myths continue to do the rounds. We would like to do a little bit of myth-busting: Continue reading

What are Cluster Flies?

Many homeowners are familiar with the practice of swatting flies in the kitchen during the summer months. However, many people aren’t aware that there is another kind of fly flying around their homes – the cluster flies.

Cluster flies come to life in the fall when they fly to the warm-temperature homes in search of protection in Continue reading