Hamilton Bedbugs

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Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite is becoming a harsh reality for many Hamiltonians as they face the nightmare of dealing with these blood sucking pests.  Bed Bugs Infestations in Hamilton have reportedly increased by an alarming 600 percent over the last six years. This frightening statistic underlines an epidemic that deserves immediate attention, and AnyPest is here to help!

The problem has recently attained government attention and in March 2014 a budget was approved to tackle this fundamental city problem. The government is taking steps to address the issue and has allotted funding to devising an effective strategy that will eradicate the rampant bed bugs that seem to quickly multiplying.  A portion of the funds will help assist vulnerable individuals that are suffering from the mental and physical distress of having unwanted bugs in their home. Identifying that there is a problem is the first step to resolution, but here are some other ways that Hamilton and other cities dealing with bed bugs can use to exterminate bed bugs!

Breaking the Stigma

Not only do residence have to deal with the difficult invasion of their home, they often face the social ridicule that is associated with bed bugs.  People with bed bugs face cruel judgments and sometimes even become isolated from their friends and family that are too paralyzed with fear to help.  Bed bugs interfere with sleep patterns and often cause paranoia and insomnia making the battle with bed bugs both physically and emotionally draining.  Struggling with bed bugs interrupts lives invading the most personal areas of one’s home.  The situation becomes worse if those individuals don’t have the means to receive proper treatment of their home and the bugs have the ability to multiply.  To overcome the infestation people need to realize the situation is becoming extremely more common and that to combat the bed bug population we need to offer support.

It is a common misconception that bed bugs only invest dirty homes and if you are to have bed bugs you must be unclean, causing embarrassment and shame.  The truth is that anyone can have the misfortune of bringing these pests homes and if you have ever stayed at a hotel there is a good chance that the hotel had bed bugs at one point as well.  To properly be able to tackle the infestation of bed bugs society needs to break the negative stigma and learn more about how to treat and prevent bed bugs.


Education about bed bugs will alter social opinions and would speed up the response time. To educate the population we must first create a dialogue which will definitely be a challenge because even people that have bed bugs in their home often do not want to talk about it, but being informed is the first step to prevention.  Bed bugs can be confused with ticks so being able to identify a bed bug would give you an advantage allowing you to spot bugs sooner.  Also promoting methods of handling bed bug invasions can help minimize anxiety and help individuals feel like they can take control of the situation.  For further information about bed bugs please visit our Pest Identification section and learn more!

Team Effort

Don’t face bed bugs alone, call us today and be one step closer to a bug free environment. We are dedicated to eradicating bed bugs for our clients and have proven strategies that effectively combat these nuisance bugs.  We ensure that we will end your bed bug problem and get you back to sleeping peacefully.  AnyPest professionals promptly arrive at your site with the tools to squash your bed bug for good!  AnyPest is prepared to fight this epidemic that is plaguing Hamiltonian homes and have the attitude and equipment to do it!