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AnyPest provides pest control and removal services to a wide range of customers from private homes to apartments, industrial complexes, commercial buildings, hospital and government facilities throughout Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto and surrounding areas.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

What is an IPM program?

You never want to put your eggs all in one basket, which is why IPM is the Pest Management process that involves using a combination of techniques.  Depending on the best, we either use traps or chemical measures, along with monitoring the pest’s behaviour to ensure the don’t come back.

Any examples of an Integrated Pest Management program?

Absolutely!  A combination of things Any Pest might do are:

  • Changing your home’s ecosystems to prevent organisms from becoming pests.
  • Identifying potential pest problems that might creep up on you in the future.
  • Monitoring populations of pests, their pest damage and
    environmental conditions that pests may thrive in.
  • Reducing insect pest populations using strategies such as
    biological, and chemical control.
  • Trying out various treatments and evaluating their effectiveness in dealing with pests.

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