Pest Test: Cockroaches

One of the most detested pests to be found in any household is the creepy crawling cockroach. Cockroaches are capable of spreading disease through human and pet food contamination with germs they pick up in latrines, garbage and dumps. Various diseases that can be carried at any time include cholera and pathogens such as salmonella. They can multiply extremely quickly. One cockroach egg capsule can contain over 40 eggs at one time.

Cockroach Hamilton

Would You Recognize One?

The most common cockroaches found in Canadian households have a flattened oval body with long legs reaching up to 15mm when fully grown. Both male and female cockroaches have wings. They can be various shades of brown, and often have stripes running down the back.
You are most likely to find a cockroach in your home at night; since cockroaches are nocturnal they are most active at this time. Like most pests, cockroaches are commonly found near food, water, warmth and shelter. They will often make their home around sinks, behind appliances and in drains and small cracks. Behind the refrigerator is a very popular hiding place for these creepy critters!


You can bet that getting rid of a cockroach infestation in your home is no easy task. Many over-the-counter products homeowners tend to try out prove to be ineffective against any substantial infestation. Cockroaches are extremely adaptable and resilient, and can even become immune to some home extermination methods.

In the case of a cockroach infestation, the most rapid and effective extermination methods are those administered by trained professionals. One method is to reduce cockroach attractants such as dishes, drains, dishwashers and garbage cans, making sure that those that cannot be removed are cleaned and stored properly. Determining the entry point in the home is also an important step in cockroach elimination. Cracks or unsealed areas leading outdoors should be taken care of before following through with extermination of the pests that have already entered the home. Pest control professionals can also employ traps such as glue boards in areas where cockroaches may travel or hide. The complete plan and timeline to get rid of cockroaches vary from home to home.

Cockroach Foggers

Foggers release a mist of pesticides into the air that can be used as a form of pest control. The chemicals are strong enough to kill pests, however when it comes to cockroaches the fogger is not always a very effective tactic. Not only have cockroaches demonstrated resistance to the potent chemicals in foggers, these products can do serious damage to furniture and fabrics if not administered correctly, while posing a health risk to pets and humans. In high enough concentrations the fogger can actually become flammable.