Common Household Pests Pigeons / Birds

Pest Name: Pigeons / Birds
Pest Size: Birds vary in size
Hazardous Level: Pigeons/birds can carry diseases and parasites. The common one is bird mites.
Multiplication Level: Pigeons usually have a couple eggs per spring.

Short Description:

Birds are seen flying around your house. Some like to make a home. They leave dropping and can be very destructive.

Our Process

bird-mite-infestationPigeons harbouring in your home can carry Bird mites. If you wait too long the bird mites will quickly multiply. Bird mites are blood sucking parasites that will quickly come looking for you and your family.

If a pigeon nests in your house or business, it’s going to be in a very secluded and private spot.  (Nesting pigeons are very reclusive.  When is the last time you’ve seen a baby pigeon?)  Baby pigeons, known as squabs, are kept in the nests longer than any other species of bird – up to two months before fledging.  If you are intersted in telling the difference between a juvenile pigeon and an adult pigeon is eye colour: adult pigeons have bright orangey eyes, whereas juveniles have browner duller eyes.

The anypest team will clear the pigeons and any babies from the infected area. The next step is clearing nesting material and bird feces.


Bird Mite In Ductwork


Bird Exclusion

Bird Mite Infestation

Bird Mite Infestation

The most important step is a Eco friendly sanitize spray of nesting area to kill bird mites and kill harmful bacteria and finally mesh off area and spray foam if necessary.

Question and Answer
How do I know if I have pigeons / birds?

They will be active during the day and they are noisy.  Evidence of droppings and
nesting material.

Are Pigeons/birds hazardous to humans?

Yes. Pigeons/birds can carry diseases and parasites which are easily passed on to

What other birds will I encounter in Southern Ontario?

Starlings are another popular bird that will nest in your home.  If you have property near water, you’ll find either Seagulls or Canadian Geese.  Crows and Ravens will pick through your garbage and can become pests by tearing apart garbage bags on garbage day.  Sparrows are known to nest under eaves and can become problematic.  Sparrows are quite tiny and can easily fit into small cracks in your wall which allows them to enter your attic easier.

Birds generally become pests when there are ample sources of food around.  For example, if you have

What should I do if I have a pigeon problem?

Don’t feed the pigeons.  While pigeons are cute, and so eager to eat bread crumbs, you are not doing them any good in the long run.  Your area will become over populated with the birds.  A lot of people are realizing this in Downtown Hamilton, where pigeons aren’t as prominent as they were in the 80’s.  Toronto is a different story, as you can not get a hot dog without stepping over flocks of pigeons after bits of hot dog buns.  For this reason, you’ll find pigeons closer to urban areas where their is plenty of people who feed them.  (In some cultures feeding pigeons is a religious practice, and since Hamilton is a heavily ethnic diverse city, there are a lot of people who feel like they need to feed these birds)  I

If you have a Pigeon in your house, it is recommended to seek the services of a trained Pest Control professional toeliminate pests for thorough results.

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