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The raccoon is a highly intelligent scavenger.  Generally raccoons are mainly active at night. Raccoons have one litter per year in the spring.  A litter consisting of 2-8 babies.  The gestation period is 63 days.  Raccoons gain access into chimneys, attics, basements, garages, crawl spaces, and sometimes take up residence in barns, sheds, and various buildings.  Raccoons carry a wide range of transmittable diseases.  Do not attempt raccoon control, raccoon removal, or raccoon relocation on your own.If you attempt racoon removal in Oakville by yourself you are taking a big risk.

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Deck pest exclusion

If you suspect raccoon in attic, hear noises in attic at night, or have raccoon raiding your trash cans you should call ANYPEST for raccoon control, raccoon removal, raccoon relocation, raccoon-Exclusion Control Solutions, Pest Control Services.
Where in Southern Ontario are Raccoon’s the most problematic
Hamilton Raccoon Hot Spots
Raccoons in Ancaster
AnyPest commonly finds raccoons in attics near houses that are near parks or golf courses, and it isn’t just Oakville where racoon removal is one of our busiest services. In Ancaster, for example, we’ll find homes with Raccoons near Spring Valley Arena, or the Hamilton Golf and Country Club. My Dad who lives on Jerseyville Road, gave up growing Corn decades ago in his garden due to all the all the Raccoons who wandered up at night from Spring Valley. He tried every deterrent possible, from playing talk radio, spreading dog fur around and setting up motion detector sprinklers. In the end, he just had to give up growing corn as it was too much of a delicious draw for these pesky critters.

Bite Marks from Raccoon

Teeth and claw marks from an eager Raccoon

Dundas Raccoon Problems

Many lawns have been ruined by Raccoons who wander up from the Dundas Valley at night to dig for grubs that are hidden below your grass. In Hamilton, on the mountain, areas near Chedoke Golf course or along the Bruce Trail are quite common for Raccoons. My nephew who goes to Mohawk College, rents a room from a house on Upper Paradise. He had a raccoon living in the attic in the house, who would pop into his room and steal any junk food he left about.

Soffit and Eve protection from racoons

Raccoon proofing your eves.

Hamilton Raccoon Activity

Westdale, has older homes that Raccoons like to climb into as they journey up from Cootes Paradise through the McMaster Campus where there are treats abound. Surveys around the Mount Nemo Conservation area also prone to Raccoons.  My Aunt lives near Mount Nemo and her cats are entertained for hours a week from the Raccoons who come up from the Conservation area to taunt the cats from outside the window.  Raccoons are a problem near the Hamilton Mountain as well.  Particularity near the Bruce Trail or Chedoke Golf Course where there is lots of food for them to eat.

Raccoon Poop in Attic

Raccoons make big messes in your Attic that can rot your ceiling. This photo was taken from a Hamilton Mountain home.

Raccoons in Burlington


Raccoon Chimney Trap

Burlington homes near the Royal Botanical Gardens or Bronte Creek Provincial Park are hot spots for Raccoon activity. We get a lot of calls for Raccoon removal, particularly in older neighbourhoods that run along Lakeshore Road.  Here’s an image of a chimney cover we used recently in Burlington.  The Raccoon had babies in the attic, and we used this trap to safely remove the babies and mother without causing any harm.

Racoon Control & Areas where Raccoon Activity is on the Rise

Binbrook’s Raccoon Population

Binbrook is seeing a lot of residential construction in the past few years.  There are a lot of wildlife spots where Raccoons can seek shelter during the day, until they covertly act at night. As there is a lot of birds in and around Binbrook, may residential areas will feed the birds during the winter, however, this bird feed is delicious to Raccoons. Raccoons are notorious for tipping over garbage cans in Binbrook. You’ll find a lot of raccoon activity around Scenic Woods Golf and Country Club as well as the Binbrook Conservation area. Raccoons with Distemper have also been spotted so be careful if you leave your pets out at night.

Grimsby Raccoon Activity

Raccoons love to eat fish, and other aquatic creatures. With Grimsby running along lake Ontario, there are lots of opportunities for raccoons to fish for their meals. Balls Falls by Jordan Ontario which is next to Grimsby is another area where Raccoons like to visit from as well as the Fifty Point Conservation area which is nearby in Stoney Creek.

Hole in Roof

This raccoon ripped a hole right in the roof.

Raccoons in Toronto?

Toronto surprisingly sees a lot of Raccoon activity, as Raccoons have become accustomed to living in the city, and there’s an ample food supply for them in this high density population area. A lot of old Toronto homes have old chimneys that Raccoons can easily access to climb into your house.

Distemper: a highly contagious viral disease that has recently broken out in the raccoon population of Ontario. It can easily spread to your house pets.

We can diagnose your raccoon removal problem, trap the raccoon, and relocate your raccoon following all legal and ethical laws. We also provide the necessary repairs to cover holes and construction gaps that are allowing access.

ANYPEST offers Raccoon-Exclusion Control Solutions

  • metal screening of holes and voids
  • trapping, relocation
  • one-way trap door
raccoon we rescued from an Grimsby home

We rescued this Little Guy from a home on Murray Street in Grimsby

Exclusion Control Solutions

Removal is only the first step with ANYPEST Wildlife Control, Pest Control Services, Animal Control, Animal Removal, Wildlife Removal, Wildlife Relocation.


Under canopy bird exclusion


humane exclusion oneway

For on-going protection against intruding Raccoons you need a thorough approach to wildlife exclusion.  All too often, a homeowner or business owner will handle the immediate pest-removal, pest control problem without addressing the larger issue-ACCESS. A better and more cost effective solution is to prevent animals or wildlife from entering in the first place.

ANYPEST Exclusion Control Solutions will protect your home or business from dangerous wildlife by using professional pest exclusion techniques, in some of the many points of access.

  • Stove and Bathroom Exhaust Vents
  • Roof Vents or holes
  • Roof-Soffit Intersection
  • Roof and Fascia Spaces
  • Chimneys
  • Plumbing Vent Pipes
  • Exterior holes or spaces
Raccoon Removal proofing vents

Raccoon proofing vents in a Binbrook home.

The most important sense for the raccoon is its sense of touch. They are able to identify objects from whiskers that are located just above their claws.

removing raccoons

We caught this Raccoon family at a Hamilton House near Mount Hope. We ensured they did not get back in, and relocated the family to another area.


Baby raccoons being relocated with
Their mother


There are many dangers associated with raccoons, no matter how small and harmless they may seem.  Before doing any repair, prevention, pest control, pest removal consult ANYPEST. There are hazards associated with Raccoons such as Rabies, or Raccoon roundworm. More and more causes of Raccoon distemper are being found, which can hurt your pets.

Raccoon Near the Bruce Trail

This photo of a Raccoon was taken near the parking lot of the Bruce Trail near Upper Paradise

ANYPEST will send a licensed and insured Exterminator to help address your pest control problem with our Exclusion Control Solutions so you can be confident your home or business is protected.

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Raccoon protection

Wire mesh keeps the critters out.

If you have any questions about racoon removal in Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, Kitchener get in touch with AnyPest now. For example, the mesh in the picture above keeps the critters out, and this may be all you need to solve your problem. Call now, we are always happy to help.

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