Common Household Pests Raccoons


Pest Name: Raccoons
Pest Size: A raccoon can become as large as a medium size dog.
Hazardous Level: Normal. Raccoons with Distemper were found in Ancaster in 2012. While Distemper won't spread to humans it can spread to your pets. Raccoons may also carry rabies. If you see a Raccoon acting funny (or friendly) do not get close to it. Ensure your children heed this same advice.
Multiplication Level: A female Raccoon will have a litter. The average litter size is 3 to 5 babies. Baby raccoons are called kits.

Short Description:

Raccoons are most active at night. You may find damage around your property or your garbage torn apart. You may hear movement in your garage or attic if they have nested there. Because there are so many parks and trails in areas like Hamilton (such as the Bruce Trail, or Dundas Valley) there are lots of places for Raccoons to live.

Our Process

The most effective way to remove a raccoon from your home is a one way door when the animal exits the premises it can no longer re-enter.  In some cases trapping the animal and relocating it ensures it will not return.

raccoon-fencing-hamilton-ontarioIn some cases raccoons will hide under your deck the most effective way to evict them is a deck exclusion.  Anypest will dig around the perimeter and install mesh approximately 16 inches under ground to prevent any future animals digging back in

Once the animal is out we return to fix any holes with mesh and spray foam. In some cases the sofit will need to be re-installed or replaced if to damaged

If the animal has given birth to its young in your attic we will need to find them and  HUMANELY relocate the family together.

Anypest will also do a thorough inspection of attic for feces and damage and let you know the best route to cleaning the mess.  For example, if you had an entire raccoon family in your attic, the insulation may have been trampled and torn to shreds (especially with playful raccoon babies).  This could increase your winter heating bill considerably and we would recommend that you get that fixed.

Question and Answer
Are Raccoons hazardous to humans?

Raccoons can be dangerous if provoked.  Raccoons carry many diseases such as
rabies. They also carry parasites such as fleas and mites as well as one called Raccoon round worm.  Infection by Raccoon Round Worm, or Baylisascaris procyonis is rare (the last case was in 2005 in Toronto), but completely possible, and it can be fatal.  Keep yourself and your
pest at a safe distance as Raccoons can be aggressive.  If you are bit or scratched by a raccoon you need to seek medical attention immediately.

How can I get rid of Raccoons?

It is recommended to seek the services of a trained Pest Control professional to
eliminate pests for thorough results.  Dealing with raccoons you run the risk of getting rabies which is why we recommend you call us at Anypest.  We not only remove the raccoons, we ensure they don’t come back.

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