Rodent Removal

Full exclusion upon final exit

Full exclusion upon final exit

humane-exclusion-oneway door

Humane exclusion oneway door

Rodent damage

Rodent damage

Rodents (squirrels, mice, and rats) are one of the most prevalent pests in our society.  The reason for this can be seen in large birth sizes and short breeding cycles.  Consuming a wide variety of foods further enhances their growth.  The presence of rodents, rodents in walls, rodents in attic, mice in walls, mice in attic, rats in walls, rats in attics, squirrels in attic, squirrels in walls, and their droppings pose a host of diseases, parasites, and health risks that if not properly controlled, (rodent control, rodent removal, rodent extermination, mice control, mice removal, mice extermination, rat control, rat removal, rat extermination, squirrel removal, squirrel control, Exclusion Control Solutions, pest control services) can be dangerous to your family, home or business.


Rodent damage to wiring

ANYPEST offers Rodent Control & Removal Solutions 
  • caulking exterior of home or business, voids, cracks
  • metal screening of holes, voids
  • trapping, relocation
  • bait stations

Fox Squirrel on a Fence

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How do I keep Rodents away from my home?

Rodents move into your home looking for three things: Food, Shelter and Water. One big step you need to make is to ensure food isn’t available to them. This means keeping your compost far away from your house as possible, and not putting rodent friendly foods in it, like bread, rice, dried fruits and nuts. Furthermore, refrain from keeping stacks of wood from leaning against your house. Tiny mice will use this, or other scrap areas as a nesting spot. If you have a bird feeder, try not to let too many seeds fall on the ground that will attract mice, rats and of course squirrels.  For decades, people have been trying to find the perfect squirrel proof bird feeder, and while it might exist, we’ve never seen one.  Squirrels are extremely clever rodents who may not have mastered crossing the road, but are extremely efficient in stealing your bird seed.  Birds tend to knock your seed to the ground anyway, making it quite attractive for squirrels.

Mouse hole in the insulation

Mice in a Milton home’s insulation.

Common Rodents in Southern Ontario
The Norway Rat

The Norway rat is the most common Rat and lives throughout Ontario. It large weighing in at about seven to 18 ounces. It has small ears covered with short hairs, brown fur and a belly that is gray to yellowish white in colour.  We normally find rats in commercial areas where there is an abundance of food.  Rats particularly thrive in alleys where restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores are, as the amount of edible garbage they naturally toss out.

Any Pest removes rats permanently.  We find out what they are living off of, and remove the source of their food (such as putting it in air tight containers, or tossing out contaminated food).  In areas where they are nesting, we make it inhospitable for rats, such as taking away their shelter, or cutting off their source of water.  We then trap any remaining rats and remove the rats from the premise.

The Deer Mouse

It is brown to grayish with a white belly. Deer mice typically live in rural areas. Deer mice are active all year round and will store food around your home, such as nuts and berries around stumps, under logs and in hollow tree cavities. When the weather gets cooler, deer mice will enter rural homes (such as houses in Brantford, Stoney Creek and Mount Hope) where they may nest in garages, storage sheds, or stored campers. Here they will cause damage from chewing on furnishings and electrical work.

With mice, you could trap them yourself, however Any Pest will not only remove them from your house, we’ll prevent them from getting in.  We feel our moderate cost is worth it, to save you time in dealing with the additional hours of setting traps, and emptying and cleaning traps, along with vacuuming up mice turds, and the stress of seeing mice when you are trying to relax at home.

The House Mouse

The house mouse is small, slender and weighs only about 0.4 to one ounce. It can squeeze through anywhere it can fit its tiny skull through. You’ll find the house mouse in all urban areas. If you live near a field, or a school, you’re at a greater risk for house mice as children and teens tend to drop food around these areas which attracts them. Field and school grounds also have a lot of hiding spots for these mice to take cover from predators. House Mice tend to move into your home right around Thanksgiving, when it gets cooler out. The warmth of your home is perfect for them to stay cosy during our cold winters.

Mice are common in apartments and townhouses as your neighbours might not be as cleanly as you.  Therefore, even if you have the cleanest house, if your neighbour is a slob and keeps open food around, you might be subject to mice moving in.  We always find where mice enter, and fill the hole with steel wool, so they are unable to chew their way back in.

Mouse Tunnel in insulation

If you look closely you’ll see a mouse tunnel in the insulation of this Milton home.

Eastern Grey Squirrel

The grey squirrel is very friendly and less cautious around people then the black squirrel. These squirrels will always take handouts and will eat out of your hand once they feel that they can trust you. As they are less afraid of people then other types of squirrels, they are more likely to move into your attic.

You’ll know if you have a grey squirrel in your attic as it will be difficult to sleep at night.  You’ll hear this little guy gnawing, squeaking, and playing at all hours of the evening.  You could stick a radio in your attic to drive him out, or shine a flashlight, but that trick will only work so long.  What you need to do is call a professional, like Any Pest.  We will remove the squirrel properly, and patch up the spot where he got in.  You might hear the squirrel attempting to chew away at the old spot we covered up to get back in, but rest assured, we use strong materials to prevent this from happening.

Black Squirrel

The black squirrel is more aggressive then the grey squirrel, and is more cautious around people. The black squirrel is less likely to nest in your home then a grey squirrel. If you have baby squirrels in you attic, the black squirrel will attack you to protect them.

Flying Squirrel

These squirrels are rarely seen, but do exist in secluded areas, such as where the Red Hill Valley Parkway now sits. There was a large controversy when the city put this expressway down, as it invaded the homes of these rare squirrels.  Usually these squirrels aren’t a pest, mostly because they are a rare sight in Ontario.

Red Squirrels

These squirrels are quite tiny, and are about chipmunk size. They also have quite a bit of attitude and will chatter at you from a safe distance if you are irritating them. These little guys will move into your attic, and store plenty of food there. They also, if you aren’t careful, nest in your car engine, particularly if you leave your car parked for several days.

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