Squirrels – Fall problems, prevention & solutions

Squirrels are cute and fuzzy animals that are fun to watch as they play outside. Unfortunately, many people don’t share the same sentiments and the relationship quickly turns into a love/hate one. Many people especially hate it when they start raiding our birdfeeders and their attics and deck furniture.

Squirrel Problems:

You probably have nothing against squirrels and will let them take what they want from feeders. The problems begin when that arrangement doesn’t gratify the squirrels, and they take more than what was allotted to them.

Squirrels also become a problem when they chew on some flowers and trees, dig holes in lawns, and even chew on wooden decks and outdoor furniture. Before you put the blame on the squirrel, it’s important to rule out damages caused by other animals.

Squirrels living in attics are an even bigger concern for home owners and commercial businesses because they tend to chew on boards and electrical wires. Usually, the most serious problems come when adult females build their nests in your attics and near openings.

Squirrel Prevention:

There is something that you can do to keep the squirrels out from the bird feeders. The first step is to keep the squirrels out of feeders by placing it where squirrels can’t access it, or using a feeder that is equipped to keep squirrels out no matter where it is in the yard.

Squirrels will also have difficulty raiding a feeder hung from a tree branch on a wire that is over 10 ft. long. Put the feeder eight feet away from the tree trunk, limbs, or structures.

You can also prevent future problems by changing up the menu and including items that squirrels will not eat. Dafflower seeds, nyjer thistle, white proso millet seeds are a few examples of seeds that attract birds but not squirrels.
There are also several repellents that are sold in stores that will deter squirrels. You can use these repellents on patches where squirrels enter holes in buildings to discourage chewing in attempts to re-enter.

Squirrel Solutions:

Once the squirrel has entered the home or build, it’s not recommend that you try to remove them yourself. These animals come from the wild and may carry diseases, such as rabies. In this case, you may want to call a pest control specialist who will exclude and remove these animals in humane ways.

Avoid Harming the Squirrels:

There are “solutions” out there that are made to keep squirrels out of bird food, such as trapping and killing. These methods are unacceptable and are not recommended for usage. There are some other squirrel-repelling products and methods that are also not recommended. If you’ve done everything possible, and the problem is still not eradicated, call a pest control specialist.

Any Pest professionals specialize in removing and excluding squirrels in the most humane way possible.  We also solve the problem, by finding out how the squirrel gets into your attic, and patching up and reinforcing that area.

Important Lesson of the Day:

Just because you don’t want squirrels living in your attic or raiding your bird feeders, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them outside. They’re fascinating to watch, photograph, and even study. Just take a look at this picture and you’ll see what we mean:

squirrel funny

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