Worst Hamilton Infestations

Squirrel on a fence

This Squirrel is ready to move into your attic.

Articles about Hamilton Pest Infestations

With over 100 waterfalls, Hamilton is known as the waterfall capital of the world.  While Hamilton, or ‘The Hammer’ has a reputation of being a steel manufacturing town, the abundance of waterfalls argues otherwise.  Hamilton has a lot of parks, trails, and ravines that contain these waterfalls.  With these waterfalls, you’ll also find an abundance of wildlife that will naturally sneak into your home.  Usually it’s a squirrel in the attic, or a raccoon tearing apart your garbage bag at night.  Sometimes, especially if you don’t address the problem immediately, the problem can grow into an infestation.  Here are a collection of articles discussing the worst case scenarios of pest infestations in the city of Hamilton.

Hamilton’s War with Bed Bugs

Here is a fascinating article talking about the big bed bug infestation (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/news/hamilton-libraries-to-spend-200k-fighting-bedbugs-in-2013-1.1308080 ) at the Hamilton Library. They had to spend $200,000 to get rid of them. They had found eggs living in the books and had remove the books that were infested.  If you spot bedbugs in your home, call Any Pest immediately to remove them for you.  Thousands of people have tried getting rid of these blood suckers themselves, however with the bed bug rate practically doubling year after year, it’s best to just call a professional.


Rat Infestation in the Hamilton East End

Normally, you’d expect to see rats in a restaurant or grocery store where there is naturally a lot of hiding places and food for these critters.  However, the rainy weather in May of 2014 caused many creeks to flood, forcing rats out of their nests and to seek shelter in many East Hamilton homes.  CHCH has an excellent video on therat infestation of East Hamilton (http://www.chch.com/rats-infest-east-hamilton-street/).

Rats infest east Hamilton street

Starlings Attacking Hikers along the Waterfront Park

This is an article (http://metronews.ca/news/hamilton/739319/angry-birds-on-the-loose-on-hamilton-waterfront-trail/)talking about Starling attacks in Hamilton. These birds tend to attack trying to defend their nest from any intruders. Hamilton and Starlings have a long history of pest control, and Any Pest has lots of experience in removing these birds from your property humanely.


Cockroach infestations in Hamilton Public Housing

Cockroaches infested a public housing home in Hamilton where residents said they have been complaining about the cockroaches for a while. Many resident were afraid for the health and their family’s health because the cockroaches, who are covered in filth from drainpipes, were going into their food.


Raccoons in your Attic

These two stories are about raccoon infestations in the Hamilton area where one child was bitten by a raccoon(http://www.citynews.ca/2008/10/16/hamilton-toddler-blinded-by-disease-transmitted-through-raccoons/) and became blind from the diseases from the animal, and another child has roundworm from raccoon feces (http://www.thespec.com/news-story/2101198-child-has-roundworm-likely-from-raccoon-feces/). You should always protect your children from raccoons as they can clearly harm your children if you are not careful. They are not pets, they are wild animals.  If you have a raccoon living in your attic, call Any Pest immediately.  The amount of damage they can do in a short period of time is impressive.  For the amount of sleep you’ll lose listening to them at night, and the amount of money you’ll spend repairing your attic, it’s just best to let Anypest deal with your Raccoon problem as soon as possible.

Hamilton Toddler Blinded By Disease Transmitted Through Raccoons